The third and final part has finally been released , published through O'connor & Collins and is available on Amazon at the following link :

I have just finished the second part of the Hayes / Hanging Tough  trilogy.  I am so excited about this book. 

 It is available now to pre order from Amazon 

 From a tender young age, Tony had to learn to fend for himself. Growing up on a rough East London estate shaped an innocent child into the fearless and dangerous man he was to become. Follow the ups and downs that Tony has to endure to survive as he grows up in a world that threatens everything he believes in. A dramatic roller coaster of events unfold in this gripping drama. From a childhood tainted with sadness, to underworld violence and crime interlaced with heart breaking true love. With so many dangerous individuals around you, would you stay safe indoors and hide, or would you fight your corner and never give up? A powerful read that you won't want to put down. Based on true events.

 Hanging Tough  - my debut novel

Originally Published by Live it Publishing. I have moved publishers over the last few months and now with a new cover look for the trilogy of Tony Hayes its available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition. 

Its also available at selected Waterstones branches. This was a thrill to write, I loved every minute of it. 

Hanging Tough has had great early success and I have  received some fantastic reviews on Amazon and from book clubs alike.


Book 2, An Eye For An Eye is available to pre-order on Amazon now for its release date on the 12th December 2016.  I am so excited for this release.