All About Me

 I have always loved crime books, reading them and 

now writing them. 

 Born and bred in East London, I have met and known

 my fair share of characters that could easily fill the 

pages of a crime novel, so  with that in mind,  I put pen

 to paper and began writing. 

I've heard plenty of stories over the years which have stayed with me all this time and it's these stories that I`ll tell  to you..

  I always try to paint the picture of real life and although my books are very loosely based on true events , they have a fictional twist on them. My books are not just all about violence and crime either,  they are also mixed with emotion and feelings of everyday living.

 In the 'Hanging Tough' trilogy series there are many story lines that run alongside the main character including love and heartache, friendship and betrayal,  domestic violence, family  life, and ....oh yeah  - some violence.

 I hope you like my books , after all -  they were written for you